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[23 Dec 2010 | Comments Off on Linden Vineyards | 1,475 views]
Linden Vineyards

Linden Vineyards sit on a mountain ridge located in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia, roughly an hour from Washington, DC. They offer complimentary tastings. They also offer a more in-depth reserve cellar tasting for $15, and they taste their special single vineyard wines and older vintages.

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[23 Dec 2010 | Comments Off on Horton Vineyards | 2,673 views]
Horton Vineyards

Horton Vineyards is situated in the Blue Ridge Mountains. It features stone underground cellars and a vaulted ceiling tasting room. For those of you who don’t know, this was the location of the proposal.

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[23 Dec 2010 | Comments Off on Chrysalis Vineyards | 1,785 views]
Chrysalis Vineyards

Chrysalis is located outside the village of Middleburg in the beautiful Virginia Piedmont. They have 71 acres of vineyards, specializing in unusual Spanish and French varietals and the native Virginia grape, Norton, in addition to substantial plantings of traditional grapes.

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[23 Dec 2010 | Comments Off on Barboursville Vineyards | 1,839 views]
Barboursville Vineyards

Barboursville Vineyards is located at a historic Virginia estate between Monticello and Montpelier. It was founded in 1976 by a family prominent in Italian viticulture since 1821. Their wine, Octagon, is the most renowned red wine of Virginia.